About Us

The Bay Islands Foundation (FIB) is a private non-profit organization, that is legally recognized by the Honduran government, with no political ties and which is regulated by Honduran law. The most important function of the FIB is to contribute with the national efforts of Honduras in order to achieve the human sustainable development.


  • To support, guarantee and reinforce the continuity of the Iguana Research and Breeding Station. This project concentrates its efforts for the conservation of the endemic iguana of Utila, Ctenosaura bakeri.
  • Cooperate with the local and national authorities in order to reinforce the conservation of flora and fauna that is endemic or is of special interest and the conservation of their natural habitats.
  • Promote, develop and participate in formal and informal programs for environmental education.
  • Establish cooperative relations with national or international organizations that provide technical or financial resources for the development of programs or projects.
  • Encourage and support the scientific research with biological, ecological or social focus.
  • Offer environmental assessment to national or international, private or public organizations.
  • Cooperate with governmental or private institutions in the management of protected terrestrial or marine areas.
  • Promote and support the creation and management of protected private areas and other initiatives of conservation by private owners.
  • Enforce the respect of the Honduran environmental laws and support the creation of new environmental laws.
  • Promote and support the development of projects that improve the quality of life and living conditions of the community.

Our mission

Our mission is to help the Honduran community to conserve their unique natural resources so that they are protected for future generations to benefit. We will do this by:

  • Protecting the country's endangered fauna and flora through conservation projects
  • Delivering a dynamic environmental education program
  • Developing sustainability based on scientific assessment

Our Vision

We will work constantly for the progress of Honduras, based on sustainability plans and programmes, giving all citizens an opportunity to achieve their own personal progress.

Our Ethic and Moral Values

Our ethics and moral values are based on the fundamental principles of the human rights culture:

  • Respect:
    Respect for all human beings, individual rights and freedom; respect for different ways of thinking and beliefs; using harmony between communities as a foundation.
  • Humanism: our fundamental job is to promote the growth and progress of each community to its full potential.
  • Sustainability:
    The human being is part of nature, and owes its existence to nature, which is why we must promote and enforce the conservation of our environment.
  • Transparency:
    We can clearly show that all of our actions are planned and accomplished according to legal and constitutional requirements.
  • Equality:
    Everyone is the same in the eyes of the law, therefore we all have the same duties and the same opportunities to progress individually, acting with solidarity and without any distinctions.

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