Our Projects

Iguana Research and Breeding Station of Utila

The IRBS was born in 1997 with the main purpose of protecting and preserving the Spiny tailed Iguana of Utila, Ctenosaura bakeri, a species that is endemic to Utila and is presently in danger of extinction due to illegal hunting and the uncontrolled development and destruction of the mangrove forest where they live.

Visit the Utila Iguana Conservation website

Arenal Research Station (EIA)

The idea of the EIA was born in 2008 with the main goal of protecting and preserving the black iguana, Ctenosaura melanosterna, which is endemic to El Valle de Aguan, in the department of Yoro of the mainland Honduras and to the Archipielago of Cayos Cochinos, of the Bay Islands. The Municipality of Arenal, the Secretary of Education and the FIB are pending to sign a cooperation agreement and in the nearly future this second project will be established and will be based in Yoro, specifically in the town of Arenal.

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general image
Photo Credits: J. Binns

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