See the contact us page to get your request in quickly, or email us directly at volo@utila-iguana.de

Usual process chain

  • Apply online (form here) - get a positive answer and reservation from us (or refusal)
  • Book flights, tell us your arrival and departure dates at Utila
  • Complete and send the mandatory registration form. Download the form here: Download


The station fee is €80 plus €170 registration fee for international volunteers. If you stay 3 months or longer no registration fee is being charged. We ask you to pay in 2 months in advance to our german bank account (IBAN and swift codes listed in mandatory registration form or on arrival but you have to pay in LEMPIRAS. This includes training in different research methodologies, participation in all conservation activities led by the Bay Islands Foundation; WiFi access, laundry machine, a cozy bed in a double or triple room and beautiful sunset.

*Please note that advance payments cannot be refunded*

Food/beverages are not included

You should organise your own flight and journey to the Iguana Station.

The Breeding Season is from March to May. (... most interesting time if you would like to catch Iguanas)

Volunteers for diverse tasks are always welcome throughout the year.

Email Application

You may also apply via email:

If you don´t want to use the online form, please send a short request with the following details for a volunteership along with a CV to: volo@utila-iguana.de

Date of Birth:
Date of arrival on Utila:
Date of departure from Utila:
Email address:
Emergency Contact
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Focus of interest in the Volunteership:

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