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Wishlist - little stuff which makes life easier!

Some items are difficult to come by or expensive in Honduras and as such, if any voluteers can bring any of the items below with them, it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Duct tape and Masking tape
  • General Office supplies - Bic Pens (black), Cellotape, "Post it" Notes, blue tac etc.
  • Laminate Pouches A4 size only
  • Flagging tape (non adhesive tape for marking transects in the Mangroves - brighty coloured please)
  • Chopping boards/reuseable hard plastic plates + mugs/Cheap Electric Kettle
  • Single bed covers and pillow covers
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Anti-histamines
  • Towels/dish cloths
  • Permanent makers/shapie pens/white board makers
  • Net and wire part of a fishing net


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The local currency is Honduran Lempira


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