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The project has been completely self-financed since the beginning of 2007 therefore the fees received from volunteers go directly towards environmental protection in Utila.

Volunteer Jobs

The jobs for the volunteers are very varied: public relations, environmental education, animal care, gardening, station maintenance and ecological research, are just a few examples.

A number of volunteers are students in biology or veterinary medicine but assistance from people with other skills are welcome and will be of great assistance. For example:

  • carpenter (renovation work of the station or the cages)
  • car mechanic (e.g. for our generators)
  • electrician (e.g. installing 220V outlets)
  • "media" (e.g. making flyer and writing tourist information)
  • teacher (e.g. for environmental education in Utila´s schools)

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Volunteers relaxing

Carnival preparation of a giant Iguana

Volunteers working

Volunteer building project


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Volunteer Opportunites

We are always looking for willing volunteers to help out at the station.


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